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Arabian Caulixtla map

Here is a Freeciv conversion of a map I made for Civ4. I have a high-resolution (poster sized) image of this map available on CivFanatics. See also: My C-evo conversion of this map.

Screenshots of freeCiv 2

map of freeciv
Map generated with FreeCiv 2's map generator

Here are three screenshots of the hex map in FreeCiv 2:

Converted Civ4 map

Caulixtla.sav. This is a converted Civilization IV map. To use this with the SDL client, try this at the server prompt:

/take -
(To be honest, I prefer: /novice)

My FreeCiv house rules, implemented as patches

These patches patch against the older 1.14 release of FreeCiv

Josh Cogliati's patch which makes for very fast games.

Mark Isaak's code for simulating tectonic plates, adapted to make random FreeCiv maps; requires Josh's code.

Comparison of 255x255 maps generated with Mark's code, with FreeCiv's Generator 1, FreeCiv's generator 2, and FreeCiv's generator 5.


The AI is far too difficult for beginniners to defeat. The patch resolves the issue by doing what the commercial Civilization games do: Give the AI less tech; this is a user-defined parameter.

To use this patch, type in the following at the server prompt after starting the server:

set slowaitech 400
set slowaigrowth 25


This patch makes sure, in a multiplayer game, that each person gets their own island. It does this by incrementing the RNG seed and trying again if a given map does not have enough islands which players can start on.


This patch makes sure that the human players get better islands than the AI players. This patch is designed to be used in conjunction with the above check.isles patch.


Patch which allows the server to make maps which are less than 18 units tall without crashing. Note that FreeCiv's client is rather buggy with really narrow maps; also note that FreeCiv starts having a real hard time placing players when the maps are smaller than 12x12.


Definite house rule; this patch makes the server default to a map which I am familiar with.

map of this world (350k) (color pdf b/w pdf)
Heroes of Might and Magic III conversion of this map


Patch which replaces the random-number generator in FreeCiv with one which is based on MaraDNS' RNG code.


Patch which adds both Josh's map generator (see above) and the tectonic plate simulator to the code, and changes FreeCiv so that it, instead of the server playing the game, generates stats about maps generated by freeciv. This will core dump unless the number of players is one or more.

Here are some good maps for multi-player games which I have found using this patch and having my computer spend days generating random maps; these maps can be played using the stock (or my modified) FreeCiv map generator by typing in the following:

set x desired width of map
set y desired height of map
set seed map generator seed
For example, the first map listed is a 40x32 generator 1 map well-suited for a two player game:
set x 40
set y 32
set seed 47051


Patch which removes the huts from the polar caps; this stop the "rush to the poles to get the tech from the huts there" strategy which favors the player with the island closest to the poles.


This patch changes how we determine which player goes on what island.

Stock FreeCiv 1.14.0 looks at each island and decides if a given island is "good". If so, than it puts players on that island; it favors giving each player their own island but will put multiple players on each island.

This patch, on the other hand, orders the islands by their "goodness", and lists the top N islands, where N is the number of players. If there are more players than islands, this code removes the excess players (use above "stat" patch to see which seeds generate maps with enough islands).

With this list, it puts players on islands at random. In conjunction with the "best slands" patch, the humans get the best islands and the AIs are cannon fodder on the weaker islands.


FreeCiv 1.14.0 Sam House Rules #2 patch; this is the patch I apply to the FreeCiv tarball for the games of FreeCiv that I play; it incorperates various ideas in the above patches.


Vallimar's version of these features unified. This makes "best islands" and "retry if not enough islands" user-defined parameters.