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Election prediction

I make my first prediction for the presidential election this November. Also, a MaraDNS release. 314 words [Read more] (2020-07-02)


COVID-19 growth

COVID-19 is undergoing exponential growth again. 362 words [Read more] (2020-06-30)

Grab bag

This blog has an update on CHAZ, and discusses Stephen Hsu, Trump’s failed rally, and Slate Star Codex being down. 333 words [Read more] (2020-06-23)


In light of the George Floyd protests, I am celebrating Juneteenth for the first time this year. 635 words [Read more] (2020-06-19)

Cancel Culture

One unfortunate side effect of the George Floyd protests is that the “cancel culture” mob is out in force. 325 words [Read more] (2020-06-16)


I discuss COVID-19 growth in San Diego and Seattle’s “CHAZ” experiment to have an area downtown with no police. 396 words [Read more] (2020-06-13)


This blog is about empathy, in light of current events. 348 words. [Read more] (2020-06-12)

Let’s keep the Police

This blog is about the importance of having a police department to reduce crime. [Read more] (2020-06-10)

Monday grab bag

I discuss Tim Cotton some more, and look at a mid-2010s article claiming feminists discourage socially awkward men from dating. [Read more] (2020-06-08)

Masculinity, etc.

I discuss masculinity in light of Tom Cotton’s recent op-ed, announce a new MaraDNS release, and now have “free beer” eBook versions of all of my blog entries available to download. [Read more] (2020-06-06)

June round-up

For June, I post an update on the COVID-19 virus, discuss CentOS 8 support for OpenVZ, touch on the protests we are having, and have a minor MaraDNS update. [Read more] (2020-06-01)


Goodbye, OpenVZ

I discuss updating my severs from OpenVZ. [Read more] (2020-05-29)

May update

Some updates for May of 2020. [Read more] (2020-05-11)


MaraDNS updates

I am going over some recent MaraDNS releases in this blog. [Read more] (2020-04-27)

COVID-19: Update

The doubling rate in San Diego is now over ten days long. This means the social isolation, as unpleasant as it is, has been very effective at controlling the spread of the virus. [Read more] (2020-04-11)


COVID-19: Good news

Some good news in San Diego: We are making progress controlling the spread of the virus, and the full lockdown now in effect should control its spread even more. [Read more] (2020-03-22)

Stay home!

The COVID-19 virus is real. Stay at home as much as possible. This includes not going to the gym; I will explain how in this blog. [Read more] (2020-03-16)


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