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June round-up


June 1 2020

For June, I post an update on the COVID-19 virus, discuss CentOS 8 support for OpenVZ, touch on the protests we are having, and have a minor MaraDNS update.

==COVID-19 update==

COVID-19’s doubling time in San Diego

We have finally stopped having exponential growth with COVID-19 cases in San Diego. Indeed, society is starting to open up again; I can get my hair cut again (as long as I wear a mask and observe social distancing) and childcare at my daughter’s school is scheduled to open up again in a little over two weeks.

While there are still some shortages at stores, essential items are readily available again. I may have to buy a different brand of toilet paper, for example, but I can buy it again.

The important thing is to maintain social distance to keep the spread of the virus down, as well as keeping one’s hands clean and wearing a mask when shopping or otherwise interacting closely with strangers.

Large public gatherings should still be avoided. Which leads me to the next topic.

==The George Floyd protests==

Arnold Schwarzenegger has done a far better job describing the reason for the George Floyd protests than I could had.

When I think to myself “who are the most macho people out there”, I think of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bill Phillips.

So, I made a point to read closely what they have to write, because they, to me, define what it means to be a real man.

There is a notion out there that being “Macho” means oppressing the weak. Which is why reading this article from Arnie was so enjoyable; it is the peak of masculinity: Having compassion for the oppressed and desiring to overcome oppression.

I do not feel comfortable going in to the streets to protest because of the COVID-19 crisis, but I do feel comfortable lifting some dumbbells I am blessed to have at home as a sign of solidarity of those who have been oppressed by our country’s prejudices and petty hatreds.

==OpenVZ: Yes, there is CentOS 8 support==

The OpenVZ nodes available at RamNode, as it turns out, fully support CentOS 8. However, since CentOS 8 is 64-bit, it requires more memory to run processes than 32-bit CentOS 6, which means it really needs a larger node than a 128 megabyte one. While RamNode still offers $15/year 128 megabyte nodes, their next step up is a $42/year 1 gigabyte node. It would be nice if they offered something in between for $25 a year, such as a 256mb or 512mb node.

Since I have already moved everything over to Dreamhost, I will leave it to Dreamhost to make sure the underlying operating system is up to date with security patches, and that things run smoothly.

==MaraDNS: Mailing list archive update==

As I was moving files to the new node, I was able to find the archives for the third and final iteration of the MaraDNS mailing list. They are available here:
The mailing list is down, and it’s more bother than it’s worth to bring it up again one last time to send a “goodbye mailing list” message to its subscribers.

I continue to work on MaraDNS; my current project is to make MaraDNS supported in Cygwin so that Windows users without access to Hyper-V can run both the authoritative and recursive parts of MaraDNS (not to mention MicroDNS).

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