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More predictions

Some more predictions for tomorrow’s election. [Read more] (2020-11-02)

2020 election prediction #5

I make a final prediction for the 2020 election. [Read more] (2020-11-01)


Grab bag: October 2020

I make another prediction of how the election will go, make an observation about Doctor Who, and mention another MaraDNS release. 402 words [Read more] (2020-10-25)

Election prediction #3

I make another prediction of how the election will go. 424 words [Read more] (2020-10-04)


Ginsburg’s passing

This blog is about Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s passing, and the political effects of it. 302 words [Read more] (2020-09-18)

Election prediction #2

I post a second prediction for the 2020 election, and mention a new MaraDNS release. [Read more] (2020-09-02)


MaraDNS 3.5.0015

I have released MaraDNS 3.5.0015, with coLunacyDNS declared stable. 523 words [Read more] (2020-08-29)

PNY CS900 review

I review the low-cost PNY CS900 SATA SSD. I also have a new MaraDNS release. 452 words [Read more] (2020-08-20)

MaraDNS 3.5.0012

I have released MaraDNS 3.5.0012 to address a minor security issue. I also discuss the end of BuyVM’s OpenVZ servers. 692 words [Read more] (2020-08-12)

MaraDNS; SipHash

This blog is about my 3.5.0011 release of MaraDNS, and looks at patching Lua to add SipHash support. 687 words [Read more] (2020-08-11)


MaraDNS 3.5.0008

I have released MaraDNS 3.5.0008. This release adds a new program: mmLunacyDNS. 767 words [Read more] (2020-07-25)

COVID-19 Website

I have created an entire website showing COVID-19 growth rates. This website is being updated every day. 617 words [Read more] (2020-07-14)

Harper’s Letter

This blog is about A Letter on Justice and Open Debate which was published this week in Harper’s Magazine. 334 words [Read more] (2020-07-09)

Crime, Police, and Chicago

This blog is about how someone in Chicago may see the police very differently than how I do, and also has a MaraDNS update. 429 words [Read more] (2020-07-06)

COVID-19 growth by state

In the blog, I discuss COVID-19 growth across the US, and discuss why we should take down Confederate statues. 371 words [Read more] (2020-07-03)

Election prediction

I make my first prediction for the presidential election this November. Also, a MaraDNS release. 314 words [Read more] (2020-07-02)


COVID-19 growth

COVID-19 is undergoing exponential growth again. 362 words [Read more] (2020-06-30)


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