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COVID-19 in the USA

Cases: 7,004,670 (2,198.32 per 100,000)
Deaths: 202,080 (63.42 per 100,000)

This is a map showing COVID-19 growth. Red means fast (4% or higher) growth; green means slow growth.

Map current as of 2020-09-24

Top 10 states

This is a list of the 10 states with the most COVID-19 growth:

Montana Growth: 2.28%
North Dakota Growth: 2.18%
Wyoming Growth: 1.90%
Wisconsin Growth: 1.90%
South Dakota Growth: 1.84%
Puerto Rico Growth: 1.74%
Northern Mariana Islands Growth: 1.59%
Oklahoma Growth: 1.48%
Utah Growth: 1.47%
Missouri Growth: 1.35%

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Top 20 counties

This is a list of the 20 counties with the most COVID-19 growth:

Woodward, Oklahoma Growth: 33.29%
Atascosa, Texas Growth: 12.05%
Guadalupe, Texas Growth: 11.71%
Aiken, South Carolina Growth: 7.78%
Winnebago, Wisconsin Growth: 4.94%
Centre, Pennsylvania Growth: 4.71%
Boulder, Colorado Growth: 4.09%
La Crosse, Wisconsin Growth: 4.09%
Gonzales, Texas Growth: 4.08%
Grady, Oklahoma Growth: 3.68%
Gregg, Texas Growth: 3.53%
Calumet, Wisconsin Growth: 3.48%
Manitowoc, Wisconsin Growth: 3.44%
Anderson, Texas Growth: 3.34%
Outagamie, Wisconsin Growth: 3.25%
Marathon, Wisconsin Growth: 3.22%
Eau Claire, Wisconsin Growth: 3.10%
Portage, Wisconsin Growth: 3.08%
Christian, Missouri Growth: 2.77%

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States by political affiliation

This is the number of total COVID-19 cases for states where the governor has a given political affiliation.

Democrat governors
Republican governors

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Where to get this data

The data comes from The New York Times and the code to generate these pages is open source and available on GitHub. The number of actual COVID-19 cases and deaths are almost certainly higher than these figures.