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June 12 2020

This blog is about empathy, in light of current events. 348 words.

==Defund the police: Another perspective==

One Pincess Weekes says that she actually would like to see the police abolished.1 While I disagree with her, based on my experience living in a place without an effective police force, I also have empathy for her point of view.

She writes that “When I see the police come onto the subway I am more afraid of what they might do to someone than a crime”; while I do not wish to put words in her mouth, I would surmise that she sees the police as a hostile occupying force, and she wants to see them gone, just as France wanted to see the Gestapo gone during World War II.

Yes, she comes to a different conclusion I have come to, but, based on her experience of reality, I can have empathy for her point of view and see why she feels that way.

==Empathy: Two other examples==

I have recently mentioned two other articles which look at empathy. In a blog entry from earlier this month, I look at Arnold Schwarzenegger and how he is a true man, not for his excellent body work out program, but for his empathy and compassion for a black colleague, one Erroll Southers, who is afraid a police officer may kill a relative of his.

Another example of a lack of empathy are both the self-centered “Red Pill” cultists, as well as “feminists” who have no empathy for men who do not know how to get a date; I blogged about both a few days ago.

It is telling that both the “Red Pill” groups are no where near as prominent as they were just five years ago, and almost all of the articles from “feminists” lacking empathy for men that Scott Alexander linked to in his essay Radicalizing the Romanceless2 are no longer online.


  1. Yes, Some of Us Actually Want to Abolish/Defund the Police” by Princess Weekes, published by “The Mary Sue”.
  2. Radicalizing the Romanceless” by Scott Alexander, self-published on his blog.

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