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The AES encryption algorithm

This is a series of articles which describe various aspects of the Rijndael (AES) encryption algorithm. Copyright notice: All example C code and test vectors in these pages is released to the public domain. All other information is copyright 2005 Sam Trenholme. These pages may be copied by The wayback machine, Google's cache, and other tools that automatically copy pages on the web and make the copies available to the general public free of charge. These pages may be mirrored, unmodified, on any other publically accessible web page, FTP network, or file sharing protocol, as long as these pages are not modified in any manner, and as long as the information is available free of charge. Other use of these web pages is restricted by copyright law without my permission.

My old Wikipedia account, Samboy placed material from these pages to the Wikipedia; any such information added to the relevant Wikipedia was released under the Gnu Free Documentation license. Note that the people who have subsequently edited these articles on the Wikipedia have made the articles less, not more readable. For example, as of my last edit to the Wiki finite field article, the article had a Fogg readability index of 9.43; this has since gone up to 9.61.